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Hello, I am Michelle, a proud user of ForumUp from Belgium! I found ForumUp while I was searching the internet for "forums". I thought, why don't I make my own forum? So i did! I made this forum It is a forum for anyone who wants to have fun and good conversation. It was the first time I made a forum, so it was whole new thing for me. But with help from the staff, I made a very nice forum. The staff is quick to answer questions and that is one of the reasons why I stay. They have cool styles for forums and a staff in almost all languages. ForumUp is the best!

My name is Elizabeth. I am a stay at home mom with limited computer technology knowledge. I am also an Administrator on other boards, along with my own, and I find that ForumUp is the easiest to navigate and set up. They have a great support team and a quick response time. I found it to be so easy and convenient that I started another board for our local teens and they love it! There are many great features to this board. Here are just a few that I enjoy the most: easy to change templates, the best selection of smilies on the web (the kids love them), and an easy to understand administrator area. If you are looking for your forum host, look no further than ForumUp!!

Hi, I'm Lorraine, an Emergency Control/Telecare operator. I started I never had a forum before, but Forum.Up is easy to navigate and has brilliant support! I was able to customize my forum with the help of staff, who went out of their way to help me.

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